"Court rulings" section reflects courts' judgments in categories "Copyright law and Internet", "E-commerce", "Cybercrime".

As of 31 May 2016 in the "Copyright law and Internet" category abstracts regarding 200 court rulings, with links thereto, were posted here with following details as to the state of the court:

Ukraine                                                   74   (download the list, pdf)
Russia                                                     66  (download the list, pdf)
USA                                                         25  (download the lisd, pdf)
Canada                                                     8  (download the list, pdf)

Great Britain                                            7
Australia, Germany                                  4
the Netherlands                                      3
Belgium, Norway, France, EU                   2
Denmark                                                  1

01.12.2012 Judgment of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany of 24 April 2012, XI ZR 96/11 (Germany)

Phishing. Online-banking abuse. Who should be responsible? A bank’s client who neglected rules of use on online-banking system.Source: website of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (der Bundesgerichtshof)...[more]

Category: Cybercrime

23.11.2011 Bench Opinion of the U.S. District Court of Eastern District of Michigan in «Experi-Metal, Inc. v. Comerica Bank» case of 13 June 2011 (USA)

This matter arises from a “phishing” attack on January 22, 2009, that resulted in a criminal hijacking the bank accounts Plaintiff Experi-Metal, Inc. maintained with Defendant Comerica Bank and wire transferring more than $1.9...[more]

Category: Cybercrime

18.10.2011 Ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in “United States of America v. Aaron Shaffer” of 03 January 2007 (USA)

Aaron Shaffer challenges his conviction for distribution and possession of child pornography, see 18 U.S.C. §§ 2252A(a)(2), 2252A(a)(5)(B), on four grounds.   Primary among these, Mr. Shaffer claims that he did not, as a matter...[more]

Category: Cybercrime

05.10.2011 Sentence of Akimovsky district court of Zaporozhie region in case № 1-34/2009г. of 20 February 2009 (Ukraine)

This is a criminal case about unauthorized tampering in work operation of satellite broadcasting of TV programs of OJSC “NTV-PLUS” of Russian Federation and starting up multichannel TV network in one of the settlements of...[more]

Category: Cybercrime

27.06.2011 Sentence of Podolsky rayion court of the city of Kiev imposed in case №394/10 of 18 May 2010, (Ukraine)

Convicted defendant residing in the city of Kiev opened the website on which he placed an Internet-store for sale of movies of pornographic nature. Then he placed advertisement of those movies from P2P websites on his own...[more]

Category: Cybercrime