"Court rulings" section reflects courts' judgments in categories "Copyright law and Internet", "E-commerce", "Cybercrime".

As of 31 May 2016 in the "Copyright law and Internet" category abstracts regarding 200 court rulings, with links thereto, were posted here with following details as to the state of the court:

Ukraine                                                   74   (download the list, pdf)
Russia                                                     66  (download the list, pdf)
USA                                                         25  (download the lisd, pdf)
Canada                                                     8  (download the list, pdf)

Great Britain                                            7
Australia, Germany                                  4
the Netherlands                                      3
Belgium, Norway, France, EU                   2
Denmark                                                  1

13.10.2007 Decision of the Highest Commercial Court of Ukraine in case №20/367 dd. 14.03.2007 (Ukraine)

Court’s opinion: Court of Appeal did not took into account that disputable legal relations had occurred with regard to a software program and estimation of the performance of the obligations had required special knowledge in this...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

13.08.2007 Decision of the Highest Commercial Court of Ukraine in case №6/168 dd. 27.04.2004 (Ukraine)

Court’s opinion: Limits of the customs border of Ukraine on the Internet are not specified by Ukrainian laws in force. In compliance with the law of Ukraine software delivered by means of Internet is not subject to customs...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet