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As of 31 May 2016 in the "Copyright law and Internet" category abstracts regarding 200 court rulings, with links thereto, were posted here with following details as to the state of the court:

Ukraine                                                   74   (download the list, pdf)
Russia                                                     66  (download the list, pdf)
USA                                                         25  (download the lisd, pdf)
Canada                                                     8  (download the list, pdf)

Great Britain                                            7
Australia, Germany                                  4
the Netherlands                                      3
Belgium, Norway, France, EU                   2
Denmark                                                  1

03.10.2013 Ruling of the French Supreme Court in case of ABC News Intercontinental Inc. of 10 April 2013 (France)

The principal question solved by the Supreme Court in this case was the law of which state should have been applied to the matters of determination of the right holders. The answer to this was the law of the country where...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

26.09.2013 Judgment of the Federal Court of Australia in case of «Corby v Allen & Unwin Pty Limited» of 24 April 2013 (Australia)

Corby v Allen & Unwin Pty Limited [2013] FCA 370Case about infringement of copyright in photographs and moral rights of the copyright holders by publication of a book about Schapelle Corby. Link to the judgment of the...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

23.09.2013 Decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in case of «Patrick Cariou v. Richard Prince», of April 25, 2013 (USA)

"Appeal from a judgment of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Batts, J.), on Plaintiff-Appellee Patrick Cariou’s claim that Defendant-Appellant Richard Prince’s ar tworks infringe on...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

20.09.2013 Opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States in case of «Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.» of March 19, 2013 (USA)

The “exclusive rights” that a copyright owner has “to distribute copies. . . of [a] copyrighted work,” 17 U. S. C. §106(3), are qualified by the application of several limitations set out in §§ 107 through 122 including the...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

10.09.2013 Decision of the Kiev commercial court of appeal in case №9/138 of 11 April 2013 (Ukraine)

Ukrainian Musical Publishing Group, LLC. vs. Gravis, LLC; Dialog, LLC. Lawsuit on infringement of copyright in musical compositions both with and without words in the course of public communication of an audiovisual work on...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet