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13.06.2008 In the Courts: Pursuing the P2P Pirates – Balancing Copyright and Privacy Rights

April 2008   How can P2P users be prevented from sharing what is not their's to share? (   Source: web-site of the World Intellectual Property Organization...[more]

Category: Copyright law and internet

20.02.2008 E-commerce and VAT in Ukraine (part 2, not last)

Below in the second part of the article the following issues are reviewed:-    balance between the law rules on simplified taxation system and those of general taxation system in the context of a single tax...[more]

Category: E-commerce

26.01.2008 E-commerce and VAT in Ukraine (part 1)

A number of tax issues of e-commerce from the viewpoint of Ukrainian law will be covered briefly in this article.So, in compliance with sub-clause 2.3.3 of clause 2.3 of Article 2 of the Law of Ukraine on VAT, a person is subject...[more]

Category: E-commerce